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Wayfinder FAQs

How are Wayfinder pieces made?

I design all Wayfinder pieces here in Perth, Australia, using stones that I have personally sourced directly from cutters.  For the one-of-a-kind pieces, I have chosen each stone individually based on its 'zing' factor.  ('Zing' factor is that bodily reaction we get when we see something special that we feel an immediate connection with.  And we should always pay attention when we experience it.)

Wayfinder pieces are then created by traditionally trained silversmiths from the Balinese tradition.  Some pieces, such as my initial pendants, are cast in silver using the traditional lost wax method and then hand finished. Other designs are beaten and shaped by hand.  Both male and female silversmiths are involved in the production, and the majority come from a family lineage of silversmiths.  Occasionally some find their way to silver from other artistic traditions, like Master Wax Carver Agung, who was trained as a woodcarver before pursuing his love of silver.

Where are Wayfinder pieces made?

Wayfinder pieces are created in Ubud, Bali.  They are made in small, family run workshops within a village famous for its silversmiths and silverwork.  These workshops are inherently human-scale enterprises - no mass production lines here! Work life balance is part of the production culture - production schedules fit in around ceremonies (not vice versa!), and children are a welcome part of life, popping in to visit parents from time to time.  Balinese animism permeates the workshops, as evidenced by the offerings made daily on the premises, and the clothed statues within which spirits reside. This is a beautiful fit with my own animist philosophy & perspective on jewelry pieces as companions.

Can Wayfinder stone rings be resized?

Resizing any ring set with a stone carries a risk. Jewelry featuring the more delicate stones such as opal are notoriously difficult to resize due to the high risk of damage to the stone.  Harder stones are less likely to be damaged during the resizing process, however the setting itself may be compromised. Wayfinder does not offer resizing services. We do not recommend resizing with rings set with stones,  however some rings are more appropriate to resize than others - feel free to contact us to discuss this before purchase.  (Any advice given is intended for guidance only, not as a guarantee of suitability or successful outcome.)

How are Wayfinder pieces packaged?

Each Wayfinder piece comes packaged in a Wayfinder branded jewelry box and accompanied with a handsewn silk velvet bag.  It is then securely prepared for shipping safely to its new owner.

Where do we ship?

We ship worldwide for a flat rate of $24.99 AUD, excluding to PO Boxes.  International shipping is free for orders over AUD $299.

What shipping do we offer?

We offer flat rate shipping of $4.95 within Australia, and free shipping within Australia for orders over $149.  Express shipping is available within Australia for $9.95