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Wayfinder's origins

Jewellery is the most primal & meaningful thing that we wear.  Jewellery has literally co-evolved with humans - the materials have become finer but the intention has always been the same.  In a modern world that shuns the magical & symbolic, jewellery has been a defiant source of connection.  

Wayfinder has been born out of my intense, lifelong connection to the meaning of jewellery.   I could tell you the story of every piece of jewellery I own - how I acquired it, what it means, why I own it, when I wear it.  And if you're here, you’re likely the same.  

I can’t think of an area of my life that is more talismanic.  I wear jewellery with intent - because of the way it makes me feel; because of what it means; because of how it will support me.  Stones are another great love of mine - I see them through the eyes of an animist, as beings in their own right whose lives intersect with ours.

And so Wayfinder has sprung out of those two loves - jewellery with meaning & stones with presence.  Each Wayfinder piece has been designed by me, sketched by my hand, each stone personally sourced. I live with and love these pieces.  I draw strength and delight from them.  And it is my deep hope that you will recognise a piece that creates that sense of delight within you.

May you find a Wayfinder piece to support you on your own way.


Jasmine Taylor 


Photo by my dear friend, Belle Verdiglione