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Nondualism Small Silver Hoops
Nondualism Small Silver Hoops
Nondualism Small Silver Hoops
Nondualism Small Silver Hoops

Wayfinder Jewelry

Nondualism Small Silver Hoops


The magical:   Each Nondualism silver hoop earring start as two pieces - one polished to a high shine, the other hand-beaten on a river stone & oxidized. These two pieces are soldered together to create one earring that combines both elements.  Nondualism pieces are reminders that Duality is an illusion - opposites are part of the same whole.  Wear them as an ally to integrate all aspects of your own self, or share a pair with a dear one as an expression of unity. 

The practical:  Nondualism hoop earrings are non-binary, unisex jewelry pieces that celebrate the contrast in life.  Edgy yet elegant, these hoops feature an open back and stud fitting.  They're supplied with both sterling silver butterfly clasps and a pair of monster backs so you can choose your best fit.  If you've got more than one piercing each ear these look fabulous teamed with the larger version of the same hoop.

The delightful: Your Wayfinder Nondualism oxidized silver hoop earrings come beautifully boxed.  They're also accompanied by a complimentary handsewn silk velvet bag to store your new companions.

    • A potent reminder that duality is an illusion
    • Ethically handmade by artisans in solid sterling silver
    • Presented in Wayfinder box ready to gift
    • Complimentary silk velvet bag for storage
    • Earring width 4mm, height 20mm, post length 11mm
    • Comes with two different back styles
    • Looks fabulous teamed with the large Nondualism hoops