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Stellar Pendant & Chain - Rose Quartz

Wayfinder Jewelry

Stellar Pendant & Chain - Rose Quartz


Chain Length:
50cm (19.7")
75cm (29.5")

The magical:  Rose Quartz is the ultimate ally for heart-centred living.  It is associated with love, and also connection to oneself.  Rose Quartz helps to connect you with your own heart, facilitating a sense of joy & peace that spills outwards towards others.  It’s divinely feminine in nature - a beautiful companion for those who need some yin to balance their yang.

The practical: This star-cut faceted Rose Quartz pendant surrounded by sterling silver is a joy-inspiring piece.  At 29mm from side to side, it's a statement pendant with a delightful weight & substance.  The Stellar Pendant comes with your choice of either 50cm or 75cm sterling silver rounded box chain.

The delightful: Your Wayfinder Rose Quartz Silver Pendant comes beautifully boxed.  It's also accompanied by a hand-sewn silk velvet bag to store your new companion.

    • Rose Quartz to support love & connection
    • Individually hand cut & hand made by artisans in solid sterling silver
    • Comes with 50cm (19.7") or 75cm (29.5")  sterling silver chain
    • 29mm width, bail internal width 6mm
    • Generous bale to accommodate larger chains
    • Presented in Wayfinder box ready to gift
    • Silk velvet bag for storage

NOTE - As a natural crystal which has been cut by hand, the Rose Quartz gemstone in your pendant will be unique and the colour & cut may vary slightly from the pendants pictured here. That variation is inherent to both Rose Quartz & handmade jewellery, and makes your Stellar Pendant one-of-a-kind.