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Stellar Pendant & Chain - Tigers Eye

Wayfinder Jewelry

Stellar Pendant & Chain - Tigers Eye


Chain Length:
50cm (19.7")
75cm (29.5")

The magical:  Tigers Eye is a potent and active gemstone. It’s an ally for action, protection, and wealth drawing.  Courage. Motivation. They  encourage you to take concrete steps to improve your life - think “Eye of the Tiger”!  The rolling flashes of gold in this gemstone are a gorgeous indication of its lively nature. Choose Tigers Eye to have an ally that will kick your ass into action - and have your back at the same time.

The practical: This star-cut faceted Tigers Eye pendant surrounded by sterling silver is a magnetic piece.  At 29mm from side to side, it's a statement pendant with a delightful weight & substance. All Stellar Pendants come with your choice of either 50cm or 75cm sterling silver chain rounded box chain.

The delightful: Your Wayfinder Tigers Eye Silver Pendant comes beautifully boxed.  It's also accompanied by a hand-sewn silk velvet bag to store your new companion.

    • Tigers Eye to motivate & protect
    • Individually hand cut & hand made by artisans in solid sterling silver
    • Comes with 50cm (19.7") or 75cm (29.5")  sterling silver chain
    • 29mm width, bale internal width 6mm
    • Generous bale to accommodate larger chains
    • Presented in Wayfinder box ready to gift
    • Silk velvet bag for storage

NOTE: As a natural crystal which has been cut by hand, the Tigers Eye gemstone in your pendant will be unique.  While it will be similar to the pendants pictured here, the exact colours & pattern will vary. That variation is the nature of both Tigers Eye & handmade jewellery, and makes your Stellar Pendant truly one-of-a-kind.